It has been a while..The three Amigos are riding together again for the first time in two years. This time we are heading North to Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse Alaska.

The same map link will work for this trip, so you can follow us along once again, updates every ten minutes; share.delorme.com/bryandaly

I have set up  a new blog for this trip : weeagain.wordpress.com


For those who followed us along on our last trip, the name probably rings a bell or two. For those who have not, well lets just see if the name begins to make sense. Hopefully not!



Hope you can follow us along…and send us a note or two along the way.



Hi, Bryan here, It’s been a while!

It’s been a while, I’ve been spending time riding with Karen all over BC, Washington, the Islands, sunshine coast, and honing her off road skills on the backroads of BC. Also did  a great tour of the motorcycle roads and microbreweries of Oregon with buddy Dave.

I’m doing a new, kind of  spontaneous ride, maybe not as exciting as our americas ride but should be entertaining. Essentially riding to Ottawa on my own, go to a wedding, celebrate a very special 90th birthday with my father, then meet up with my High school Buddy Steve, who will fly in and pick up my neighbours Harley (long story). He will guide us down the Blue Ridge Mountains, to the Mexican border then across to the Pacific coast and up to San Fansisco where he drops the bike, and I ride home alone. Now beside the normal antics we often get up to,  or should I say the normal trouble Steve get’s us into. My bestest brother in law will also  come along for a week or more as the Bitch on the Back of the Harley! You may note that the website name reflects the title!

If you’re interested, here is the link https://ourbotb.wordpress.com

PS Ernie and I did finally clear our bikes from Mexico …what a fiasco, lost our $400 US deposit, but at least we are free to travel there once more!

Take Care



Bryan: The hardest blog post ever – Trip End Report!

Bryan: The hardest blog post ever – Trip End Report!

I have to say, that after doing the posts all the way along the trip, this has been a very hard one for me to even begin to summarize what was an epic trip, 6 years in the planning. It is like saying goodbye to a best friend, knowing you may never see them again! Perhaps the month long delay in the post has made this obvious

15 countries – 30,000K – 100days – 50,000 + blog views – $40,000 ++ raised for Kamloops hospice (Ernie gets all the credit on this incredible initiative)

The original intention of the blog was for our own memories, records and for close family and friends to travel along with us..this grew and the popularity of the blog along with the fundraiser helped in a big way to set the tone of the entire trip. We were amazed and how it helped keep us focused and strong, thank you to all that were interested and commented, it meant a lot and to us, and made our trip even more special!

Since I’ve been back much has happened; the fundraising dinner for Hospice, a very sincere thank you to my family; Jenny, Richard and dad from Ottawa, daughter Katey from Hamilton, friends Jim and Sonja from Calgary, Simon and Katrina and daughter Courtney from Vancouver, and Steve and Melissa from Victoria, for making the effort to come and celebrate with me. Thanks to our neighbors for putting them all up, Amigo Barry and Pam as well as Al and Colleen who are also many many thousands lighter after their generous donation and large contributions at the auction that nite. To our great Kamloops friends that helped us with our commitment to fill the hall, and to all others, local and at a distance, who contributed but did not attend, I am very, very appreciative. I am one lucky guy!


My 88 year old father from Ottawa, a chip off the old block?

imageCourtney, Karen and Katelynn, aka, the family!


Paisley Groove?  But they were great!

Since being home, I have been challenged and asked a few times about my initial bio statements; Did the trip meet expectations, was it life changing, etc? So I’ll begin there:

It’s not about escaping, running from reality, situations, things, places, or people. I hope to come back a better person, husband, father, with a renewed fascination and a wider perspective of life.

Mission accomplished! Big time, way beyond what I ever hoped for on all counts!

I absolutely love my wife of 27 years, Karen and my two adult girls, all of who I am very proud of. I appreciate to the bone, the emotional and financial support this trip has required from my family and the forgiveness for time and emotional absence leading up to it. I know they learn from my exploits. I love the life that I have, and appreciate all of the friends I have. I am one very lucky man! I will miss our long evening chats by the fire. We have, and will again travel far and wide together, but on another day.

Mission accomplished! I have had a very very long leash for the enitre duration of my married life, I believe I have finally run out of leash or at least it will be a lot shorter one going forward! I think she kinda missed me! All great, looking ahead, we are now at a point where Karen and I will soon be able to do these trips together..not that Ernie and Barry weren’t exceptional to travel with.(more later)..but I look sooo forward to biking with Karen in the future.South Africa will likely be the next big one!

Hopefully I can keep up!


 Karen going down in the sand last summer at an off road riding course!


Our daughters friends even followed the blog as well, they thought it was pretty cool, and I think they realized for the first time they don’t have to have all their traveling done by the age of 25. One unknown 20 something person even recommended the blog to her friend, not knowing that her friend  Lisa Dorval was the one who set the blog up for me and was my background expert….thanks Lisa!

This trip is about enjoying health while I can, motorcycling. challenging myself, travelling with admired friends, learning, experiencing new people, places, scenery, smells, cultures, getting out of my comfort zone, and enjoying a break from routine.

Wow, wow, wow. I could go on for hours here….I am glad I did it when I did, knowing life can change too fast! Admired friends, if I thought it before, I have no idea how to express how much more I think of Ernie and Barry now….to the end of the earth and back these are the guys I want with me… No holes barred, greatest guys, I have known…Ifffffff I was to think of another trip, they would be the first I would ask. I so respect them; their never, ever give up attitude, willingness to dig in, get dirty and help, let alone sleep in the odd slaughterhouse in no man’s land….you have to be able to depend on people 100%, we met challenge after challenge, laughter and determination was always the approach, never a cross word spoken! Wow, I was honored to travel with you two. It also gave me an appreciation of what future potential I have. Both tough, tough friggin dudes, exceptional bikers, travel partners, love ya, admire ya! I’ll be calling you, but for shorter trips.

Three Amigos


or Three Stooges?image

Listening to tunes – Feeling my shoulders drop – Need for speed – Exhilaration – Smells – Open air – Freedom – People who come up and ask where you are going – Comradery of bikers and the public towards bikers – and of course that Quiet Magic Carpet Ride!

Mission accomplished big time – Holy Cow! Did not even know what day of the week it was, ever! Corners, more than in all previous riding for us combined, non stop scenery, smells, mostly good, rock star status, Comradery! Wow, wow, wow! I did not listen to any tunes the whole ride though, weird, I have no idea why?

Why this trip:

The southern Americas fascinate me – I have not been there – Bragging rights of having done the Americas top to bottom, Investigate for future travels/winters..who knows

Mission accomplished! I’ll be back with more time in hand – not to all countries, but would like to see more of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Anticipated difficulties?

Both Ernie and Barry are early risers, Merde

Yup, came back sleep deprived and sick! but hey, I survived!

So reviewing what I had written before the ride, it was epic indeed, better than I hoped for, but not life changing.
OK so now some highlights, lowlights, challenges, surprises

Trip Highlights:

People – everywhere – Human nature is so good and people naturally helpful! South American people are at the top of the pile! Love em! They were so polite, if we were not by our bikes, they would seek us out to ask permission to take a picture, then thrilled beyond belief, when we’d say hop on, we’ll take the picture, or if we’d stand in the picture…

Scenery, while we are lucky, especially in BC, the world south of us has so much to offer, not better, but very different and ever changing, we were amazed by the enormity of stunning, ever changing landscapes we encountered most days. Most Epic: I am such a scenery buff, not sure there were so many…Columbia a real surprise, Peru for sure, but so many others…no absolutes.

Fantastic mountain motorcycle roads! Corners, corners corners!

The Comradery of course!


Patagonia – Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and then north to Bariloche, although Ushuaia itself is beautiful, it is nearly 5000K of desolate, barren, windy, no mans land. GPS map detail and accuracy in SA, we were glad we had them, but finding hotels, restaurants, even streets in some towns was near impossible, leading us to do this the old fashioned hard way, complicated with the challenges of one way streets. Eggs everywhere on everything, yuk! Wifi mostly sucks, many times leading to hours in order to upload pics onto our on blog! Huge cost variances in hotels and accommodations. Being away from home for 100 days, It was too long (although did not take away from the trip!)

Garbage; Fields outside of many cities (often downwind from town), and sometimes city meridians esp. in Southern America are used as waste lands for garbage. Livestock, dogs, and cats using this as feeding grounds….not good… Argentina, Bolivia, Peru being the most memorable. For all their beauty, it seems like very short sighted behavior.


Roads and Drivers; Generally improved moving north. Best drivers: Mexico bar none, worst Bolivia. he worst were Taxi’s, busses, then trucks. Playing bumper cars with taxis in La Paz, Bolivia! I could go on here, trust me, to say some are absolutely suicidal by our standards. We had to be quite conscious of returning ourselves back to NA driving standards as we can home, we had gone native in our driving habits! We had to to survive!

Having said all of that returning from Vancouver today from visiting my daughter Courtney, I was nearly wiped out! Driving my highly coveted Porsche, driving in the passing lane, comfortably north of the posted speed in the passing lane on a three lane stretch of road, a semi in the slow lane veered unexpectedly into the middle lane, the driver in the middle lane panicked and veered heavily into my lane, hitting my mirror with his door, meaning millimeters from a full on impact. Mad that my precious car was getting wrecked, no where to go but a cement median, I braked heavily to scrub off speed, before hitting the cement wall. Now quickly moving beyond  loosing my car, I switched to pure survival mode, afraid to take my hands off the wheel to use the horn,  bracing myself heavily for what was imminent!  However as Amigo luck would have it, the squealing tires and massive smoke plume that ensued, shook everyone to their senses, a near tragedy was avoided, scratches on my mirror and rubber marks on my front fender, will be memories forever. Lesson learned do not ever relax when other drivers are involved. car

Fortunately the car and I live for another day!


Standard of living; generally it improved as you move northward…still precious few have what we have in Canada and US. Our 8 year old Honda van was better that 90+% of what we saw on the road. Rock star status! Our bikes might have been gold plated given the attention we received with them..so far out of reach for most south of us…We saw many houses dug into hillsides in the middle of nowhere, pole framed, plastic walled or covered in recycled materials of all sorts.

Many/most countries are police/army states, guns galore, roadblocks everywhere, local residents are questioned about any travel.

Most people we encountered, work very long days, 6 days a week, to late at nite, back early in the morning. I say this as I return to work on a  reduced 4 day a week basis, as I wind down my career!

We live beyond the imagination of most and are so, so lucky!

A big vote of appreciation to Barry and Ernie, for making this trip special in every way.


Lastly, Karen, thank you for your huge support and never, ever making me feel guilty  about this selfish endeavour. I love ya.

Hasta La Vista Amigos, from one “Lucky Bastard”!



More on fundraising for Hospice by Ernie

Hi everyone,
A very special thank you to all of you that made it out to the hospice house/ three amigos fundraising dinner on April 17 th,   and  to those that could not attend,  thank you for trying ! It was announced at that event, that  as an ongoing part of our fundraising efforts for the  hospice house here in Kamloops, that   Ajax  KGHM  mine  has come on board  in a  really big way and  they are doing their first annual golf tournament  this June,  and  all net  funds raised will go to the hospice house , and  that could be a  huge donation for such a great cause ,  so if you are interested in coming out to what is promised to be a  first class  golf tournament , please find the registration form below. Feel free to pass this onto anyone that this might be of interest to. Of course, time will be of the essence as Ajax is sending this out to all of their current supporters on a first come, first serve  basis.
In a nutshell it is $ 150  p/p  and on June 18 th  , hope to see you there !
ernie beadle

Ernie’s summary post

Well it has now been three  weeks since the three amigos landed safe and sound back in our hometown of Kamloops  after this incredible journey ,  15 countries, 30,000 kms and 100 days on the road !!!! All  of this on our motorcycles !!!! What an adventure !

So much has happened during the last three months of our lives that it is really hard to try to bring it all together and summarize it for the reading audience !

Upon getting back here, we were immediately thrown back into the frenzy as we got ready and prepared for the big wrap up party for the hospice house annual fund raising event. It was indeed a busy time, but the big night came and went and  what an event it was.

The convention centre was a total sell out at a crowd of 500 people and  a waiting list for those who wanted to come but could not get tickets , so to all those who were able to get tickets and  come out to help us celebrate with the hospice  fund raising, a really big THANK YOU  from the 3 amigos, that meant so much to us that we could help raise awareness and help raise much needed funds to such a great organization.

The evening was busy as you can well imagine, so many people that we truly did not have near enough time to get around and try to say thank you to everyone, it was a  jam packed night but for all the right reasons. By the end of the  night, the event had raised just over $ 111,000 for the hospice house never less the additional funds raised thru donations online before and after this fabulous event. We  still do not have the final tally on that but it is somewhere over $ 30,000 online !!! That truly was unbelievable ! Never in our wildest imagination did we think   this was possible . Kamloops and outsiders, thank you so much for all your support, words cannot express our thanks !

Now that the dust has settled on the fundraising , I have had  time to try to reflect on this bizarre journey that we had just completed and put pen to paper re thoughts. Barry’s penmanship did a great job in summing up what i think we all felt and  experienced .

The camaraderie of the three amigos was huge,  and the fun and laughter during some tough times will never be forgotten. Barry and  Bryan, as i said at the wrap up banquet,  I could not have been with two better riding  partners than  you guys to take this journey on or share with, you guys were fabulous to travel with, thank you 🙂

I have been very fortunate to have travelled quite a bit  to  many parts of the  world, experienced many different  cultures and  lifestyles ,   and despite how many countries that i have seen , i can honestly say, that there is no where in this world that i would sooner  live in  than  right here in  Canada.  And in Canada, i have been fortunate enough to have travelled across this beautiful country coast to coast 4 times and i can honestly say, that despite all of  the beautiful  areas of Canada, that  there is nowhere that i would sooner live than BC .

And when it comes to BC, I was born and  raised in the fraser valley  for 25 years and as far North as prince George and as far as i am concerned, there is nowhere better than right here in the beautiful thompson okanagan area.

When you compare the fabulous lifestyle that we have  here in BC and  namely Kamloops, the clean fresh air, all the water you can possibly imagine, incredible  health care system ,  clean environment, real jobs, safe communities  for us to raise our families in, there is no better place on earth than right here and  unfortunately a lot of  people take that  for granted and that is such a shame. The more you travel, the more you come to realize this and what a beautiful place Kamloops is  and  how  fortunate we rally are !!!!

A number of years ago, I lost 3 very close friends due to cancer,  all within a 6 month period of time and their lives were cut short, way to short. They were all around my age and same lifestyle, so it was a  serious wake up call for me. Right after this series of deaths, the movie bucket list came out, and  that movie hit me really hard, as it made me laugh and cry., and if you have not seen  this movie, i would highly recommend it ,

When one of those  close friends was in his last two days, i went into visit him, and he was crying, and  this was a guy that was a mans man, tough as nails, and i had never seen that in him before, and  his words to me were “ i wish i would have done >>>>> “ I cannot tell you what that  was because it was very personal to him, but bottom line, he passed away, wishing he had done something and i will never forget that. What a terrible feeling to have at that time  in  his life, regretting not having done something that he always wanted to do and not doing it !!!!

And this changed my life, because i never had a bucket list before,  but i can assure you that i made one  after that, and then i started living it and  this trip was one of them for sure, a once in a lifetime trek !

I guess if i can share something with each and  every one of you ,it would be this .  If  you don’t have a bucket list,  build one.  It  does not matter how big or small the bucket list is,  or how expensive it is , if you want to do something, do it !!!! You and only you are in control over your life and to the best of my knowledge, we only have one shot at it here on earth, so it is up to each and every one of us  to live it to the maximum and have NO regrets !!!! Live your dream , while you can, whatever that maybe  !!!!

A very  special  “thank you “  to my family for their understanding and  not trying to talk me out of this  bizarre journey , and  letting me go to realize my bucket list and supporting me on this wild and crazy adventure . 🙂

ps  don’t ever let anyone tell you or tell yourself you are to old to do something either, I am 61, Bryan is 57 and Barry is 65 and  look at this bizarre trip that we did together !!! you can do amazing things if you really want to !!!!!!